Scandinavian Scouting Agency is a comprehensive guide to the most exiting and talented footballers gracing the fields of Europe’s northernmost countries. My goal is to keep you up to date on the football scene of Scandinavia, with a special emphasis on Norway. At you will find the latest news and reports on players all around Scandinavia. My website forms a radically new approach to the field of scouting. The agency in no way represents any football agencies or clubs. Subsequently, i am able to give you a reliable and trustworthy assessment of both new and established players; how they perform, their contract status, relationship to their club etc. In short, my aim is simply to bring you the best guide to footballers around Scandinavia as possible. The team at Scandinavian Scouting Agency consist of people who have been following football for years. The motivation for setting up this website is purely to fill a gap that is undeniably missing; a comprehensive and thorough guide to players and how they perform. Our people are constantly working with staff, players and other people working in the game to improve, and we encourage people to contact us with their ideas and viewpoints. Scandinavian Scouting Agency also takes on scouting missions for clubs. As an independent agency we feel that we are in a great position to reliably and efficiently cater the needs of your club. See contact page for details on how to contact us.