During 2012 we have helped clubs with scouting on different levels. Clubs playing in the Champions League and Europa League have all got information from the team at Scandinavian Scouting Agency. It`s been an exciting year and we look forward to help your club in the future.

Recently I`ve been asked if I could single out our top recommendation for 2012. It`s been difficult as I could have mention players such as Tarik Elyounoussi or Nikola Djurdjic who both were available during the start of the 2012-season. I could have singled out Mathis Bolly who I doubt many in Scandinavia even had heard of before he entered the frame last summer. In Sweden Branimir Hrgota got promoted to several teams in Scandinavia, but when they eventually showed interest in him he had already signed for Borussia Mönchengladbach.

I had to make a choice so therefore I decided to single out a player who shows that we are well capable of helping clubs at different levels. The report was written to a second tier team in Scandinavia on 18.06.2012.

In this report your club will get an idea on how we carefully study your team before promoting a player who can strengthen your side. We pay attention to your style of play, strength/weaknesses regarding the player, player’s social skills, and his availability amongst other important factors.

The report on Ruben Kristiansen is an example of how your team can gain advantage in the transfer marked by using scouting services such as ours.

In this specific case the club got themselves another left-back. This report still served its purpose – helping the club getting more options to choose from.

Scouting report: Ruben Kristiansen, Tromsö IL. (written on 18.06.2012)

Ruben Kristiansen had a sensational season for Tromsdalen in 2011. He played as left-back for a team who got promoted from level 3 to level 2. In total that season the team ended up scoring over 100 league goals. Ruben Kristiansen was the dominating player this season, together with striker Vegard Lysvoll who scored 30 goals. Not surprisingly Premier division side Tromsö IL got interested and ended up signing them both before this season (January 2012).

His offensive strength is his biggest strength as he is always looking to exploit the room in front of him. His excellent pace, combined with his good left-foot, creates trouble for nearly any defender. Kristiansen has got the condition to last 90Th minutes and to take the necessary runs back in defense the entire match. Still he has got some areas where he needs to improve in his defensive display. When facing the winger one on one he could read the game better. Some time he seems to be over-confident in relying on  his pace, which could see the winger go past him due to a bit of a unnecessary arrogance. Still, when he is able to close the winger early down you could rely on his pace and willingness to storm forward in attack.

Ruben Kristiansen is a serious player who is fully professional in his approach to the game. He is calm and well thought of from his teammates (both at Tromsdalen and Tromsö IL).

So before this season he went from level 3 to the level 1 in the Norwegian league. At first I thought this was kind of an odd choice as Tromsö IL already had two of the best left back in the Norwegian League (Ciss and Yndestad). Ruben Kristiansen didn’t fear the competition. It rather inspired him to work extra hard to earn himself a place within the team. Still his chances have been limited. It`s a great potential in the young lad, but when the club already had such back up for the left-back position it was always going to be difficult for him. Had Ruben Kristiansen been given the opportunity to play more regular it would have been easier for him to show what he is all about.

Lack of playing time for Tromsö IL, and your clubs desire for a new left-back, I got the idea of contacting the Norwegian club. I spoke recently with Sports director (Morten Krämer) for the club about the current situation for Ruben Kristiansen. A loan move for Kristiansen was possible if this would be in your interest. I ask if it was possible to get the player on free transfer, but this was not possible (there had to be a transfer fee involved).

I don`t think that any other clubs at level 2 in the Scandinavian leagues knows about his availability which is very good news for your club. Your club is first in the queue to secure the services of a player who would strengthen all the teams at level 2 in Scandinavia. In short I am confident that he has got the quality to perform immediately for your club.

He has got things to work on in his defensive display, but when you consider your clubs offensive abilities, where you will dominate in most of your matches, you will be able to exploit his offensive abilities to the fully.


Written and approved by Øyvind Christoffer Johansen, Chief scout.

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