Scandinavian scouting agency chief scout Øyvind Johansen together with Patrick Vieira. Having played for some of the biggest clubs in Europe and obviously won the world cup with his national team – it`s fair to say that Patrick Vieira is a legend and a role model for younger players nowadays.

My intention of meeting up with Patrick was to discuss the players his football academy in Senegal, Diambars, has produced these last couple of seasons. The main talking point was Serigne Modou Kara Mbodj who currently holds a 5th place on our recommendation list in Scandinavia (26.09.2011). We share the same opinion regarding the player’s quality and potential. However, Vieira is hoping that Kara can achieve greater things than he did. That might be too much to ask for the young African, but there is much truth about the potential he’s got. A lot will depend on the club who decides to bring him in and play him regularly.

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