This category will keep your club up to date on the best players in Scandinavia. The players will be judged on several criteria’s such as; talent, potential, how they perform, transfer value, contract status etc. The list of players will be updated on a monthly basis. This means that if a player is in the list one week it’s no guarantee that he will stay in it the next.

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The list was last updated on 17.04.2012.

    – “The Senegalese striker has got the abilities of playing against the best defenders in the world – week in and week out”. The phrase is written by me a few weeks ago and I stand by it. Most players leaving Scandinavia needs to play in leagues where they can keep improving as players before moving to bigger clubs. It is not the case with Dame N`Doye. Since the winter break he has been in sensational form and again proven to everyone that you can rely on his abilities. When he`s not playing for his side, like a week ago when he were suspended, you could clearly see that his side were struggling. Just his presence on the pitch seems to give his teammates more confidence – and likewise when he`s not around. You`ve got to remember that the first place in the Danish league this season give the club an automatic spot for the Champion league group stage next season. Taken that into account you know that Dame `N Doye won`t be leaving FC Copenhagen for cheap – and quite rightly so. With N`Doye keep scoring goals bigger clubs in Europe will keep a close eye on him over the summer. Even clubs outside Europe should, but I`ve got serious doubts that they will got what it takes to convince the player that his future lays outside Europe.
    Read my scouting report on Dame N`Doye at:
    After publishing Wiland in TOP 5 list a weeks back I got critics from a couple of football fans. They didn’t agree with me that a goalkeeper should be in the frame as one of the top recommendations from Scandinavia. Obviously I got a bit offended, but in a professional and funny way. Instead of defending my opinions I told them; “Let’s see over the next weeks and judge him over his performances on the pitch”. Weeks have gone and Johan Wiland has played seven matches and kept a clean sheet five times. In total he has only let in two goals.
    Sweden national football team coach Erik Hamren has stated that it`s a close race for the goalkeeper position. Andreas Isaksson currently is Sweden’s number one choice, but Johan Wiland is just waiting for his chance. I agree with Hamren who has a difficult choice when choosing from such good goalkeepers, but I believe that Wiland will do equally as good if he`s given the chance. When Johan Wiland got his breakthrough for FC Copenhagen it was because of an injury on their first goalkeeper. Since then he hasn`t looked backed. Without a shadow of a doubt he is the best goalkeeper in Scandinavia. In January he turned 31 years old and he is, in my view, in his prime age as a goalkeeper. He`s an excellent shot stopper with great reflexes. He has developed a calmness and concentration which enables him to deliver top performances at the highest level. Johan Wiland has won everything that is to be won in the Swedish and Danish league. Last season he gave in some solid performances in the Champions League. At times he frustrated both Chelsea and Barcelona with some excellent match winning saves. He defiantly got the qualities to win more trophies elsewhere, but at the moment he seems to be enjoying life in Denmark. 
    – Haven`t we all heard descreptions of players such as “the beast” or “the hulk”? If you were to label Okore in any specific category you would immedieatly be intitmated by his strength. He`s a powerful central defender who reads the game brilliantly. When required he storms into every challenge with great amount of power and accuracy. Denmark keep producing central defenders of the highest standard. 19 year old Okore is probably the player with the highest potential that we have seen for while. In his first full season for Nordsjælland he hasn`t disappointed anyone. He has adapted quickly to his team passing style of play. In fact this gives him an advantage and, if possible, makes him even more attractive for bigger clubs outside Scandinavia.  In January he got his debut for his national team and he didn’t let anyone down. I was impressed by his calmness in defense. He wasn’t afraid of taking his time in finding the best solution. It`s the same when he`s playing for his club. I don’t hide the fact that central defenders who is confident on the ball is of my likening. The player himself is eager to prove himself in England and that is something that is bound to happen. But the lad turned 19 recently and wisely he committed himself to Nordsjælland until 2016. Their football style fits him perfectly and if he can stay in Denmark a bit more it will benefit him a lot – both on and off the pitch. However, time and pressure to act fast is a key factor in modern football. If the smaller clubs wait too long they are bound to miss out on Okore. The race is on, but Nordsjælland are in a good position when negotiation a fair prize for his services. Will they offload the player during the summer? It`s a cliché saying “only if the money is right”, but in this case it is. I believe only silly money will tempt them to sell and I don`t think Okore is in any rush of leaving Denmark. With European cup already secured there is exciting times ahead for both Nordsjælland-supporters and players.

    – After a slow start to the season he has really come back strongly in the last two matches for Malmø FF. Yesterday he were outstanding. Hamad scored and were the architect of the goals in their 3-2 win against Djurgården. It will be very interesting to follow Hamad and his teammates over the next week. The potential in their team is massive and Hamad needed a fine performance to stay in our prestigious Top 5-list.
    The captain of the Sweden under-21 team has played some of his best football these last two seasons. I`ve had the pleasure to see him closely when I visited Malmø during their qualification match to reach Champions League  match against Glasgow Rangers on 03.08.2011. It was Hamad who sent Malmø FF through to the next round with a stunner from distance. It wasn’t any surprise to me that he would be the deciding factor as he isn`t afraid of testing the opponents goalkeeper. These last three seasons he`s played regularly and gained experience at the highest level – in the Swedish league, Europe and for his national team. Because of this you could see that he has risen as a player taken huge steps into developing as a player who perform week in and week out. The gifted midfielder is soon ready for bigger challenges in of the bigger leagues abroad. His pace and technical skills is of a top European standard already and with Hamad now proving himself as a midfielder who can score goals – he is bond to attracts interest from abroad. Still he is only 21 years old, but it will be great to see him play in one of the leagues that so highly appreciate such technical players.
    Hamad got the chance of playing for the senior squad when Sweden played several friendlies in Quatar in January. Still early for the players in their preparations for the upcoming season, I still felt he gave evidence of his ability to rise to bigger occasions – something I predict he will have to do more in the near future. Will bigger clubs dare not to pick him up this summer?

    Just recently FC Midtjylland has started playing Igboun as a winger instead of his preferred role as a striker. He seems to have adapted into this role quickly as he has played several good matches for his side. He`s got the pace and teqnicue for such role and he is using it to the fully as a winger. Defenders must be on their toes as Igboun will use all his strengths to dribble past anyone in his way. He is now creating lots of chances for his teammates and when he gets the chance he obviously isn`t afraid of having a go himself. It might be strange to say, but I feel that his football mind has improved recently. Instead of finishing from nearly impossible angles he now seems to be calmer in front of goal. It might have something to do with his new wing-role, but it is quite satisfying as a scout to see him passing the ball to his teammates when they are in better scoring positions than himself. It will be interesting to follow the ambitions player over the next weeks.
    He had a great season last year with FC Midtjylland so I was curious about how he would cope with new and bigger expectations this season. 7 goals so far in this season, in a partnership with Tim Janssen, it clearly shows that he mean some serious business. With natural skill such as pace, he also possesses cleverness in his movement on the pitch, which enables him to take full advantage of it. He`s scoring rate for his club indicates that we are dealing with a potential treat for any opponents. And they are rightly so to fear the powerful Nigerian as he can score goals with both feet and with headers. He`s desire to move forward with great pace and with no fear to take on any defenders – makes him hard to handle. Defenders will find him hard to read, especially one on one, because of his ability to finish with both feet or to unleash long shots when given the chance. Great things are expected from the athletic striker who for now is gaining tremendous and much needed experience in Denmark.  But one must wonder for how long his current club can obtain his services. If he keeps putting in stabil performances – it surely won`t go unnoticed by bigger clubs abroad.
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